Cow Punch with Pumice


For garden beds, produce, and plants.

Approx weight 1800lbs/yd



Cow Punch with Pumice is a premium blend of 5 different products: 40% Sandy Loam, 25% Aged Fine Fir, 25% Compost, 10% Bio Crop Compost, and Pumice mixed throughout. The Pumice will help reduce clumping and compaction, allow roots the space to grow, and help with drainage. For best results, we recommend mixing Cow Punch Pumice with the pre-existing soil.

Coverage: 1 Cubic Yard covers approximately: 324 Square Feet at 1″ depth, 162 sq ft at 2″, 108 at 3″, and 81 at 4″.

Additional information

Weight 1875 lbs


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