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Here at the Shoppe, you’ll find retail and wholesale supplies, both decorative and plain rocks, and all manner of landscape materials for nearly any project you can think of!

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Retail/wholesale decorative rock and landscape supplies

In our store you’ll find retail and wholesale decorative rock and landscape supplies for any project you can think of!

Plant materials nursery

We stock plants for the season every spring, and carry a wide selection to choose from.  From decorative grasses to rhododendrons, and from roses to trees, come on out and see if we have what you’re searching for!

Landscape bulk materials and supplies

Our bins are now stocked with crushed quarry rock, round rock, drain rock, bulk landscape rock and boulders, fir and hemlock bark, compost, sand, pumice, top soil and soil blends, horse bedding, hog fuel, playground chips and more new products!

Delivery Available

We also deliver to Dallas, Monmouth, Corvallis, McMinnville, Lincoln City, or many other locations around the valley.

What to look for next

As we grow out we will be adding more contractor supplies and currently carry a limited supply of tree stakes, fabrics, fertilizers, concrete, bagged soil mixes and other supplies. Look for us to grow in this area starting next spring!

Professional & DIY advice for your personal project!

We have installed thousands of projects over the past 30 years and would love to give you plenty of free advice!

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