Decomposed Granite


For pathways, paver joints, and decorative landscape use.

Approx weight 2600lbs/yd

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Decomposed Granite is an amazing and useful material. Gold in color, it’s fine granular grain can be worked into nearly any crevice and form, and will set to a very hard surface once compacted and soaked with water. Sweep into gaps between patio stones for an attractive look and strong hold which is also resistant to plant growth. Interestingly, Decomposed Granite can be broken back up and reset for a fresh look. It shouldn’t lose its luster or degrade, and can be used over and over.

Note: Here in the Willamette Valley, many of our beloved wineries utilize Decomposed Granite for their outdoor paths, hangouts, and fire-pits. Look for the hard, golden-colored gravel with a granular texture!

Coverage: 1 Cubic Yard covers approximately: 324 Square Feet at 1″ depth, 162 sq ft at 2″, 108 at 3″, and 81 at 4″.

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Weight 2600 lbs
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Yard, 50lb Bag