Recently, a customer asked me how long we’ve been in business. Telling them that this was our 10th year, I realized that I totally forgot that it has been 10 years! Here are some of my thoughts on how we’ve been doing at the Shoppe.

We spent about 8 years, or so, over at the Cafe 22 location just a half mile to the West. Clyde Aspinwall was a great partner and very good to us for many years, allowing us to expand as we needed.

A few years back, I knew that I wanted us to have our own location. The opportunity presented itself in 2017, and I was fortunate to be able to purchase a 6 acre property with 2 buildings.

With almost 2 acres paved, this location offers many benefits to our clients. It is neat and clean for walking around the lot, making it easier to browse our myriad of landscape materials. The new indoor sales office, with 1500 sq ft of showroom space is a huge added bonus for both contractors and homeowners. This has permitted us to stock similar supplies to that of the big box retail stores and, in some cases, even better and higher quality supplies, such as: commercial grade sprinkler parts & chemicals, specialty tools, and various landscape supplies.

I can still remember our first year, and recall how we’ve grown steadily from just a few products. Our continued goal is to keep growing and investing into our community by stocking and supplying all the landscape necessities for the ever-growing Willamette Valley.

If you have purchased from us, thank you! We would not be here without your loyal patronage. And if you haven’t yet purchased from us, we’re looking forward to providing you the materials you need!

– Tim Barnes