“Play Away” Certified Playground Chips


For ground cover, and playgrounds.

Approx weight 500lbs/yd



“Play Away” Chips are a State Certified playground chip. Cooked to soften any sliver-inducing wood fibers, many schools, day-care centers, and playgrounds utilize these chips as ground cover. They are safe for pets, and children. Use them for a sliver-free bark path, or in an animal pen. Can also be used as an alternative ground cover in yards where children or pets might be playing.

Coverage: 1 Cubic Yard covers approximately: 324 Square Feet at 1″ depth, 162 sq ft at 2″, 108 at 3″, and 81 at 4″.

Additional information

Weight 700 lbs
By the

Yard, 40lb Bag