Wall Rock and Boulders

I am excited about the wall rock we are bringing in. We have wall rock sorted into 1 man wall, 2 to 3 man wall, 3 to 4 man wall and boulders up to 1500 pounds for you to choose from. We currently have 2 different types off wall rock all sorted and easy to pick from. I also have my eye on another quarry or two that we will carry in the future. We build a lot of walls and it is nice to offer a selection of varying colors, types and sizes for our clients to choose from.

Landscaping Supplies

We have a limited supply of what I would call support materials for your project. This is an area that we will expand greatly as we grow out. Supplies like tree stakes and ties, fertilizers and lime, polymer sand and concrete. The list is too long and we don’t currently have the space but soon we will carry a full line of water feature accessories pumps, pipe. We will slowly grow into a one stop Landscape Shoppe, it will only take time.

Custom Slate and Stone

These products are our flagstone line of Quartzite, Blue Stone, Sand Stone, and Granite Stone. These stones come from all over the US, Montana, Idaho, New York, Pennsylvania, and Utah. This is the stone that you will use to build your patio, steps, and entrances. When properly installed, these patios will last the life of your home or business. Other uses for this stone are fireplaces, retaining walls, borders, and of course water features.

Nursery and Garden

We are currently stocking well over 200 different varieties and sizes of trees. We also have some very nice landscape plants in 1 gallon thru 5 gallon sizes and a few even larger as well as groundcovers and climbers. As we move officially into spring we will get more plants coming in weekly. We will be getting in fruit trees at the beginning of February , also spring bloomers will be coming in around the middle of February.

Retaining Wall and Hardscape

We are experts at retaining wall installation and give a full lifetime warranty on any of our installations ( Inquire at the Shoppe about Warranty ) We can get any product from any supplier that you prefer to use. Ask to see our display of product at the Landscape Shoppe and ask for a quote for materials and installation.





Price and availability are subject to change. Please call for current pricing.