Medium Dark Hemlock


Due to the cost of attaining, we can no longer provide any discounts for this product. For ground cover. Approx weight 800lbs/yd



Hemlock is one of the highest quality bark products around, and has the renown of being “sliver free.” This comes from the nature of Hemlock tree fibers, which are soft in comparison to Fir tree fibers. Use as a traditional ground cover to retain soil moisture, and prevent freezing in winter. Excellent around spaces where children and animals play, or where people generally frequent.

Note: Due to the cost of obtaining Hemlock Bark, many landscape supply yards are currently mixing Hemlock with Fir (called Hem-Fir) to save on costs. Our Hemlock Bark is not mixed, and is 100% pure.

Coverage: 1 Cubic Yard covers approximately: 324 Square Feet at 1″ depth, 162 sq ft at 2″, 108 at 3″, and 81 at 4″.

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Weight 800 lbs
By the

Yard, 40lb Bag