4 – 6″ Open Quarry – Annex Location


For road base, and as a compromise between drainage and compaction.

Approx weight 2500lbs/yd

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4-6″ Open Quarry is the largest variant in the crushed-open line. Unlike the crushed-minus variants, 4-6″ Open can be used for drainage. Like the larger crushed-minus variants, it is used for compaction, fill, and road base.

Example Use: Lay a few inches of 4-6″ Open down, then go down in size to 3″, 1 1/2″, and lastly 3/4″ Minus to create a firm base.

Coverage: 1 Cubic Yard covers approximately: 324 Square Feet at 1″ depth, 162 sq ft at 2″, 108 at 3″, and 81 at 4″.


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