Hello! If this is your first time visiting our site… Welcome!!
Also Thank You So Much!
To our loyal customers over the last 5 seasons, we couldn’t have done this without you! You Are The Best!!

Right now we are busy gearing up for the upcoming 2019 season. All of our bins are winter stocked and we still have a good inventory of flag stone and hardscape materials. 

New Stock Items for 2019

Water feature columns- you have been asking for these, we will be stocking an assortment of colums for 2019. Wall rock- I am looking to bring in 2 differenty types of wall rock for next season. Plant materils will arrive by April of next year. 


We have discontinued the free delivery that we offered in our first 5 years. we have given well over $100,000 worth of promotionals away to our loyal customers since our inception in 2014. It is time to move on past that, at least for now.

We can deliver into most any area in Oregon. our load size depends upon materials and qauantities. 

*Call for pricing on large gravel or bulk rock orders.

*Special pricing on large custom soil orders- we can blend just about any combination of soil, bark, compost, pumice, perlite, vermiculite, cow peat, worm casting, bio-char into your desired blend for your crop.
Talk to Tim regarding details. 

Delivery rates - Rates are based on a local area with $1 added per mile outside of the local area.

West Salem - $30 $1 per mile north of Orchard Heights or River Bend
Keizer and North Salem - $30 $1 per mile North past McNary Golf Course and toward Lancaster.
Salem - downtown to Lancaster $30 $1 per mile East past Lancaster.
South Salem - $35 to Kuebler, $1 per mile south past Kuebler.
Dallas - $30 $1 per mile outside city limits.
Independence/Monmouth -  $30 $1 per mile outside city limits.
North Albany - $60.00 
Grand Ronde -$60 $1 per mile outside of city limits.
Willamina area - $50
Amity - $60
McMinnville - $75.00 
Sheridan - $75
Corvallis - $75
Lincoln City - $120
Pacific City - $130
Newport - $135

Contractor Deals

Thank you to our Contractors! Your support for us has been growing consistantly and we value your buisiness!! We will allways give you your 10% discount on all of our bulk items! If you are new to our Shoppe just ask for the discount and give us your company name and we will enter your into our computer for the discount. 

The Deal: Pitch me a deal... If you need a large amount of materil or a combination of anything that we carry I can add to your 10% discount. for example if you buy all of your materils for a project for a total of $1500 I can add an additional 5% off.

You may need a combination plant materils, soil, bark, rock or some flagstone or wall rock. we can get all of the materils to your site at a discounted price. 

Always take 30% off on all plant materilas in Stock. 

Mutual Materials - Always In Stock!

  • Cottage Stone 8"wide x 6" high x 6" deep, comes in Summit and Natural Grey.

  • Vineyard Stone 8" wide x 6" high x 4" deep, Comes in Natural Grey.

  • Manor Stone 16"wide x 6"high x 12"deep standard beveled, straight face, or step block. Comes in NW Blend or Grey.

  • 24x24 Glacier Slate, 24x24 Vancouver Bay Decorative Slabs. 16 x 24 and 16 x 8 Columbia Slate.

  • Single, Double and Tripple Holland Stone. 8" x 4" 8" x 8" 8" x 12" , comes in Rustic Blend, Charcoal.

  • Stepping Stones- 12x12 multiple colors and textures

  • Scalloped Edging 2" x 6" x 16"

  • Concrete building blocks 4" x 8" x 16" and 8" x 8" x 16" 

  • 60 pound bags cement, Type S Morta

  • Pier Blocks for Decks 12"

    Splash Blocks 12" x 24"