When ordering materials it is our job to help you with your order in as many ways as possible. Usually there are a few questions that you have so I put together a Q&A to help with your ordering experience.

Delivery Questions

Do you Deliver and what size of trucks do you deliver with?
[html format=We use the 550 size of pickup trucks to deliver locally on smaller amounts from 1 yard up to 3 units of bark. 1 yard up to 8 yards of gravel or rock.Call for pricing on larger orders.
What areas do you deliver into?

Our main delivery areas are Salem area including Keizer and Stayton, Dallas, Independence and Monmouth. We are now delivering regularly into McMinnville, Amity, Sheridan, Grande Ronde, Albany, Lebanon, Corvallis, Lincoln City, Pacific City and Newport as well as many areas in the Portland area. We can service just about any area you need materials delivered into. Call for pricing. Our basic standard local fee is $35 per delivery and we can deliver 2 materials on one truck if the weights are within the vehicle capacity limits.

Can you deliver 2 materials at one time?

Yes, our trucks have 2 bins and we can deliver any combination of 2 types of materials. Rock/Bark, Sand/Stone, Plants/Soil.

Basic Questions

Do you give discounts?

We give Contractor Discounts of 10%, Military Discounts of 5% and Teacher Discounts on summer break, of 5%.

Do you Have a scale for loading your materials?

Yes we have 2 scales 5000 and 60,000 for vehicles. Its real simple drive onto the scale to get your light weight. Next go load your stone or weighted product and then when you are finished re-weigh your vehicle for an accurate weight, very simple. We can also place pallets down on the ground for you to stack different types of stone onto and weigh each pallet separately. Or we have the small scale that works real well for smaller, individual rocks and bagged stone.

Rock Questions

Regarding base rock for driveways and projects.

Our ¾ minus crushed quarry is the main staple as a base rock for most projects. We now stock it in both the 3/4 quarry and the 3/4 river. Use it as base rock for patios, walkways, foundations, or just over dirt for controlling soft spots or filling in holes on driveways. Packs really well as it has both crushed and fines. We also now stock 3 inch open and 2 inch minus quarry rock, use this rock for base rock when building a patio pad or road base, directly on top of bare soil or mud.

Regarding Drainage- I want to make a drain what type of rock do I need?

It depends on type of drainage use, typically for most applications 1-1/2 round, 3/4 round, or 3/8 pea gravel is used for drainage purposes. They all work well, the smaller gravels are a little easier to handle in my opinion especially when moving from far location. Our 1 inch open quarry is also used as a drainage rock when specified for layering using filter cloth.

Regarding Pathways- I want to install a small pathway, patio or landing, etc. What types of rock are available for this project?

Most people use either 1/4" or 1/2" minus quarry or the Decomposed Granite. These are the most popular products for a relatively inexpensive pathway material. These products can be used for a small pathway, patio, landing, shed landing, or to access around the house.

Do you have decorative ground cover rock?

Yes we carry round rock in the 6-12 inch round, 2-6 inch round, and we carry what we call our 1 inch open. The round rock is popular to mix with boulders to make a dry creek bed or just use as a ground cover. The 1 inch open works well as a nice decorative ground cover rock, also can be used for drainage.

What types of flagstone do you carry and how much is it?

We stock an assortment of Molalla Stone, this is a local stone that we can get and we stock it in matching sizes slate, boulders and ledgestone. We also stock Select Cut Pennsylvania Blue Stone and 2 to 3 inch random flag Blue Stone. As well as our lighter colored white and yellow quartzite products in tumbled and non-tumbled. Price range is from 17 cents per pound up to 26 cents per pound. The Select Cut Blue Stone is old by the sq ft. 

What types of boulders do you have available?

Our Abiqua Boulders are all matched in sizes. We grade them as 1-man boulders smaller easy to stack up by one person weigh in about 10-40 pounds. 2-3 man boulders weigh in about 50 to 200 pounds. 3-4 man boulders weigh in about 75 to 300 pounds. The larger machine boulders can weigh up to 2000 to 4000 pounds. We will also be carrying Cascade Boulders and Feather Rock this year.

What other types of decorative or specialty rock or stone do you have?

Yes, almost to many types to list here but let me try. We have our Montana Rainbow in sizes from 1000 pound colored boulders to small pebbles, ¼, ½, ¾, 1 ½, 2, 2-4, 4-6, 6-8, 10-12. We have these sizes in both the round and the crushed chip. We also have White Rock, Purple rock in the ¼ and 1-1/2 size. And green rock in the ¼ chip. Black Beech (Mexican Pebble) in the ½ up to 6-8 inch. Lava Boulders, Mossy Boulders, Ok as I said lots to list with new products coming in next year!

Bark Questions

Regarding Bark Dust: What types of bark do you carry?

Dark and Red Medium Fir, Dark Fine and Medium Hemlock. 

What is the difference in the Bark?

Fir bark is less expensive mainly because the bark on the Hemlock is much thinner and it takes more materials to produce the bark. Also Hemlock trees are not as abundant as the Fir trees and they cut far more Fir than Hemlock.

Does the bark you carry cause slivers?

Yes, but Fir Bark does have more slivers than the Hemlock Bark. 

Is there a difference in Fir or Hemlock as far as a better mulch for plants? (i.e. for suppressing weeds)

Both materials are an excellent source of organic matter for plants. I personally prefer the medium grinds as they tend to break down better and I prefer the Fir bark to the Hemlock. The fine grind bark tends to pack tight and can create layers. As for weed suppressants- yes you should apply a 2 inch layer minimum of bark over bare dirt, less depth will be needed if you are re-barking.

Do you deliver and if so how much, do you blow or apply or install bark?
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We can deliver as little as you would like or up to 6 units/45 cubic yards, of bark at any one time. A unit of bark = 7.5 yards. We do not apply or have a blower bark service at this time.

Other Questions

Do you sell plants?

Yes we offer a wide selection of landscape quality plants. We are not a retail landscape nursery. We offer common plants and trees for landscape projects.  

What quality is your compost?

Our compost is a high quality, fine grind Certified compost. Black in color and a very uniform product. Use this product for just about any soil amending for any type of project. Works great for tilling into lawns and flower beds. Or use as a substitute for bark dust to cover your planting beds. This Certified Compost is what we use in all of our soil blends. There are no weed seeds or unwanted chemicals in this product.

Do you carry topsoil?

Yes and no… What we call our base dirt is what most folks call topsoil. All local soils come out of the Willamette River drainage basin locally sourced. This topsoil is not capable of growing healthy plants. It needs to be amended, we do this by adding Certified Compost and Aged Fine Bark and Cow Peat Compost blending these products to produce our 3way blends of 30% for lawns and 60% for shrubs. Our Cow Punch Soil blended of Sandy Loam, Certified Compost, Aged Fine Bark and our Cow Peat, all of these soils are excellent for Vegetables and plants of all types. So if you want just the local topsoil out of the river we will sell it to you as fill dirt, but if your serious about healthy roots and plants you will want to choose our blended soils.

What types of sand do you stock?

We have both Mason Sand and Concrete Sand. The Mason Sand is used for fine grading to put under paver and slate patios. The concrete sand is the sand that mixes to make concrete and is an inexpensive versatile sand product. 

What are the different wood chips and their uses?

We stock the Fir and Cedar 2 inch chips, and the ASA Certified Playground Chips for school districts and municipalities. We also carry a Fir and Cedar hog fuel product, excellent for mud control. 

Do you do special orders?

We blend special soil orders blending many of our products for custom blends. Plant materials- place an order and we usually can get the product out to you in a week.