Our trucks are ready to deliver to your property barkdust, rock, mulch, soil blends, decorative rocks, plant materials.


Minimum Order:  $90 City Limits and $1/Mile outside City Limits
Up to 50 yards or 6 units of Barkdust, Mulch, Compost, Wood Chips, most other materials.
Up to 30 yards of Crushed Rock, Round Rock, Cinder Rock, most rock types.*

*Call for pricing on large gravel or bulk rock orders. Special pricing on large custom soil orders.
Double Delivery fees for trees, landscape stone and 1 man boulders and up  
Delivery rates - Rates are based on a local area with $1 added per mile outside of the local area.
West Salem - $30 $1 per mile north of Orchard Heights or River Bend
Keizer and North Salem - $30 $1 per mile North past McNary Golf Course and toward Lancaster.
Salem - downtown to Lancaster $30 $1 per mile East past Lancaster.
South Salem - $35 to Kuebler, $1 per mile south past Kuebler.
Dallas - $30 $1 per mile outside city limits.
Independence/Monmouth -  $30 $1 per mile outside city limits.
North Albany - $60.00 
Grand Ronde -$60 $1 per mile outside of city limits.
Willamina area - $50
Amity - $60
McMinnville - $75.00 
Sheridan - $75
Corvallis - $75
Lincoln City - $120
Pacific City - $130
Newport - $135

Free Delivery Days See Below ($90 minimum order) EXCLUDES Pavers, Trees ,Rocks 1 man and over.

Monday- Dallas, Independence
Tuesday- West Salem
Wednesday- McMinnville $140 minimum
Wednesday-South Salem
Thursday- Keizer
Thursday- Albany / Corvallis ($140 minimum)