I spend a lot of time looking for deals on plant materials, actually deals on all of our products so that I can keep prices down below some of the more expensive retail outlets in our area, especially on trees as there is a shortage of material available and I want to explain why. During the recession tree sales across the country basically stopped because the building industry came to a complete halt. Growers with large stocks of trees were forced to destroy their stock or have to deal with large caliper trees and larger root balls, which is expensive to dig, the larger the trees grow the more expensive they are to handle. Since the recession wholesale growers have been trying to catch up and re-plant. However many changed crops and planted filberts or other cash crops as trees are a long term investment.

New trees are growing and on their way but it will take time. Right now there is such a shortage it is putting upward pressure on wholesale pricing and we have seen prices skyrocket! I recently had a grower at the Landscape Shoppe and he said our pricing was basically his wholesale price. Prices for trees are absolutely crazy and there is a shortage of ornamental trees like Dogwood, evergreen Cypress, even smaller caliper shade trees like Birch, ornamental Plumb and Pear. This spring we have a lot of trees in stock and more are on the way. Jacquemonti Birch, Flowering Plumb and Pear, Maple, Magnolia, Alaskan Cedar, and Emerald Green Arborvitae just to name a few. We are in our 3rd season this year, as we grow the Landscape Shoppe we will continue to invest back into our inventory. This way in a few years we will build the inventory to offer even more great values on trees, shrubs and other products for your residential or commercial landscape projects at the Shoppe. 

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