This discussion is about the quantities of materials that we deliver in our delivery trucks from our yard to your location. Now and then I have a customer that is concerned about us not delivering enough product on the truck. The question usually goes like this: "We received a delivery from you guys, and it just seems like it was less than we ordered."

I want to explain how we approach this so that you, the public, understand our motto. I instruct all of our folks that when they load a truck they always load heavy. For example-- Bark Dust, Fir, or Hemlock when the loader operator fills the bucket we always put a bit more on top of the bucket.

Think of it this way-- if you had a flat board and placed it over the top of the bucket and pressed down, would that push down the bark so that it was even and full in the bucket? Well, yes it would, so this would be considered a full loaded bucket of bark. Gravel on the other hand is much denser and much heavier, so I instruct my employees to load a level bucket with an ever slight mound (roll) on top.

When the loader operator fills a delivery truck on a larger order, we use a marker in the cab of the loader and use tally marks to remember how many buckets have been loaded. If the operator is not sure or forgets, I tell them to just add an extra yard to ensure we are delivering exactly what the customer has paid for and then some!

It is very important to me that we deliver what we say and go the extra mile to give the customer exactly what they pay for and more!


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