It’s about time I started blogging to help inform the public of who we are and what we do. I have blogged for years on my Westside Landscape web site. I started Landscape Shoppe as an offshoot to a company that has been in business for many years - Westside Landscape. As an all phases licensed landscape company we were constantly having a challenge finding and buying the proper materials for the many projects that we install every year so it seemed like a natural move to just open our own Shoppe and give it a try. Our first season started in April of 2014 and wow what a learning curve it has been. Last year was better, we increased our inventory and are beginning to understand what products the public is interested in using to support their residential and commercial landscapes. I’m learning it takes time to build up a retail business so hang in there as we continue to grow up year after year to supply our area with the best landscape products available.

Personal story- I started out as a young lad about the age of 12 working on my father’s golf course. Mowing greens, raking sand traps, cleaning flower beds, and night watering. I learned a lot in those younger years about details and doing the little small things that matter so much when building a business. By the time I was out of high school I decided to start a career in the Horticultural business. I attended Portland Community College long ago working toward my degree in Landscape Technologies and Horticulture. School really helped me to gain the confidence that I needed to move forward in the industry. I originally perused the path of Golf Course Superintendent but soon realized that the people that I was working for were less knowledgeable than myself. The only way for me to move forward was to call the shots in my own business. I started Westside Landscape in 1981, mowing lawns in a recession with 15% interest rates. I didn’t really know the difference and people said that I was crazy to start working for myself in a recession and they were right I didn’t know enough about anything so I started anyway, what did I have to lose? That’s the real short version of my younger startup years, Westside Landscape has developed over many seasons thus leading me to invest into an even longer term project with the Landscape Shoppe.

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