I originally started the Free Delivery Days Promotion as a good way for us to service our local areas. Being a new business, in the first 3-4 years we struggled to get our name out and develop our brand. We have grown up a little, I would say, and are seeing repeat customers this year that we have not had in the past. Thank you so much! I will keep the free delivery days for now but only on a once-per-use annual basis within the calendar year. At this point we have given over $100,000 away in promotions in 5 years—most coming from the free delivery promotion.

Delivery Promotion

So from here on we will honor a once annual free delivery to all of our clients as a way to say thank you for using our service and investing in our business. Remember you can order 2 materials per truck as we can deliver multiple combinations of bark, rock, compost, soil, chips, sand and much more. Go to our website and check out our products or better yet come on out to the Shoppe and walk our facility as you dream about your next Landscape Project.

T​hank you, and have a fantastic summer!

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