September 2017

Materials Quantities

This discussion is about the quantities of materials that we deliver in our delivery trucks from our yard to your location. Now and then I have a customer that is concerned about us not delivering


March 2017

Plant Materials Warranty

Plant Materials Warranty: We do not warranty any of our plant materials because as soon as it leaves our location, the maintenance obligation transfers to the new owner. I get 2 or 3 calls a year


June 2016

Landscape Shoppe Tree Planting Tips

The folks often are asking me questions about a myriad of landscape installation techniques. One area that I see people struggle with is tree planting. We sell a lot of trees and once in a while


March 2016

Surging Tree Prices

I spend a lot of time looking for deals on plant materials, actually deals on all of our products so that I can keep prices down below some of the more expensive retail outlets in our area,



Its About Time!

It’s about time I started blogging to help inform the public of who we are and what we do. I have blogged for years on my Westside Landscape web site. I started Landscape Shoppe as an offshoot to a